Many opportunities exist for St Ursula’s students to experience leadership during their College years.

The concept of SERVIAM – I will serve – is our College motto and at the core of every leadership experience and opportunity.

Every girl is a leader

Saint Angela Merici believed women could be powerful change agents in society – and this belief continues to inspire our College’s inclusive approach to leadership today.

We encourage all students and teachers in our school community to view and practice leadership as a life choice.

In addition, many structured opportunities exist for St Ursula’s students to experience leadership roles during their years at the College through participation in sporting teams, extra-curricular groups and a variety of other activities.

Students can also submit a proposal to present their ideas for advancing the school to our College Leadership Team.

College leadership positions

Our formal Leadership Program runs from Term 4 in one year to the end of Term 3 in the following year. This gives all elected student leaders the opportunity to work as a team for a whole year.

Both the Junior and Senior Leadership teams participate in education programs that foster their understanding of what it means to be a Christian leader in an Ursuline school.

In addition, every Year 7 to 11 pastoral class elects a class councillor to represent them on our student committees. The committees are led by elected Year 12 co-captains. All elected student leaders also attend the regular committee meetings and participate in a variety of initiatives developed, promoted and officiated by the students themselves.

Get to know your Student Leaders

Gemma Kannan

Cristina Yazbeck

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