IB Diploma Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

How many scholarships are available?
The number of scholarships is set at the school’s discretion and based on several factors, including enrolment availability.

How much does it cost to apply for a scholarship?
There are no application costs for this scholarship. Simply submit your completed application to St Ursula’s College via email. 

How will I know when scholarship applications open?
The school will advertise the opening date for the scholarship via its website and social media channels.

When do applications close?
Applications must be submitted to St Ursula’s College via email at info@stursulakingsgrove.catholic.edu.au by 11pm Sunday, 13 August 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.

Who is involved in the selection process?
The school’s Executive Leadership Team manages the selection process.

Is the scholarship means tested?
This scholarship is not means tested; eligibility is based on a student’s academic performance and suitability for the IB Diploma programme. 

Are applicants required to sit a test for the IB Scholarship?
No, there is no academic testing for this scholarship, however, students are required to submit their latest school reports and most recent NAPLAN tests as part of the application process.  

When will I be notified of the outcome?
Applicants will be notified of the outcome by email no later than Tuesday, 19 September 2023.

Do you make second-round offers?
Second-round offers may be extended if a student turns down a scholarship offer. 

What costs does the scholarship cover?
The scholarship covers school fees for Years 11 and 12. School fees include annual tuition fees, the building levy and school-based charges set by the school annually and published on the school’s website. 

For more information, please refer to the latest School Fee Information Booklet, which is available on the school’s website.

If a student is awarded the scholarship, what costs does she need to pay?
No other costs are payable to the school except for the items listed in the School Fee Information Booklet.

Is this scholarship awarded for the duration of the IB Diploma or will the student need to be re-assessed each year?
The scholarship is awarded for the duration of the Diploma and covers school fees for Year 11 and Year 12.

What if the applicant is an existing student who has already received a bursary or fee reduction?
If the successful applicant is an existing student who has already been awarded a bursary or fee reduction, the scholarship will cover the balance of their school fees.

Can the scholarship be transferred to the HSC pathway?
No, students must remain enrolled in the IB programme. 

What happens if the student withdraws from the IB Diploma programme?
If the scholarship recipient chooses to discontinue their enrolment in the IB programme, she will be required to repay any fees disbursed by the scholarship up to her withdrawal date and pay full school fees for future study.

What do I need to include in my application?
Your application should include the following:

  • The completed IB Scholarship Application form. This includes a Personal Statement section, which must be written by the student, outlining their suitability for the scholarship. This should include a self-reflection against the IB Learner Profile.
  • The student’s two most recent school reports and most recent NAPLAN report.
  • Other certificates or letters of recognition of outstanding academic achievement or community service.

Do existing St Ursula’s students need to submit school reports and other requested documentation?
Yes, every applicant is required to submit all documentation.

What can we expect to discuss at the scholarship interview?
At the interview, you and your carer/s will meet with school staff. We will discuss your suitability for, and interest in, the IB Diploma programme, your academic and wider interests, your effort and commitment to your studies and how you see your final years at St Ursula’s as an opportunity to develop as a global citizen.

What is expected of a scholarship recipient?
In addition to supporting and upholding the College’s standard of conduct in all areas, the successful applicant must continue to show progress towards completing all required components of the IB Diploma.

The successful applicant must continue to demonstrate outstanding academic achievement across their subjects.